DRCL Introduces Online Pipe Clamp Leak Sealing

Within recent times however, the Company has recognised the growing need for Online Leak Sealing Services within Trinidad and Tobago, as the issue of leaks and having them properly repaired with minimal downtime, continues to be a challenge for plants and refineries. As such, we are pleased to take this opportunity, to introduce this service as part of our Company’s main repertoire.

With the aid of state of the art equipment and tooling, field proven sealants and a team with over 18 years of experience in this type of business, we believe that we are well equipped to develop and deliver long lasting solutions to any plant leakage issues that may arise and help you maintain the uptime your clients demand.

We understand that in many instances, this service will require flexibility in terms of manpower and stock availability. As such, DRCL has established a fully outfitted mobile unit which will be available to handle any emergency leak sealing requirements, as well as local stocking of sealants.

Ultimately, our aim is to provide the Customer with a comprehensive, competent and proactive approach to managing leaks, reducing capital and minimizing plant down time.