CNG buses now available!

For some time now, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) has been promoted as the alternative transport fuel of the future for our vehicles simply because it is cheaper, cleaner, safer and greener. With significant gas reserves Trinidad and Tobago is well poised to take advantage of these benefits.  Harmful emissions such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide are reduced significantly through the use of CNG with no additives and a clean-burn. CNG also benefits the performance of a vehicle, leaving no by-products due to combustion.

In recent times, the public interest in CNG vehicles have increased considerably through the continued efforts by both NGC CNG and local government. The cost effective benefits are indeed considerable and include fiscal incentives such as the removal of motor vehicle tax and VAT on imported OEM natural gas vehicles. The Government has also removed part of the fuel subsidy that currently exists on both diesel and gasoline fuel, with the intention of completely removing the subsidy in time.

Taking these factors into consideration, D. Rampersad has decided to take up the challenge in order to facilitate this growing demand. We have since successfully introduced our Ruiyue 18/19 Seater Bi-Fuel and Yutong 25 seater CNG buses into the local markets.

These vehicles are of a very high quality, which  have been fully tested (loaded and unloaded) and are built per the NFPA 52 Standards.  

Benefits of CNG

  • Costs less (Approximately 1/3 the price of gasoline).
  • Performs equivalent to petroleum-fuelled vehicles but have lower exhaust emissions.
  • One of the most viable alternatives to liquid fuels locally.
  • Runs quieter than diesel-powered vehicles.
  • All components are designed to meet the international NFPA 52 standards.
  • The system is very safe as it poses the least risk of fire in a potential accident.
  • Reduced maintenance costs (Considering that there are no additives and the fact that the fuel burns clean, there is no residue etc. which can contaminate the engine oil etc.).
  • Lower wear and tear on engine.
  • Mileage is equivalent to that of gasoline engines.
  • CNG systems have no evaporative emissions because the fuel systems are completely sealed.

Driving a CNG vehicle feels no different than a gasoline  or diesel vehicle. The overall performance is comparable in terms of horsepower, torque, capability and acceleration.